Sunday, June 7, 2015

Twine is a great accent to any project

Hi Bev here today. Who knew that something as simple as twine could make such a difference on
your projects of all kinds. Today I am sharing just 2 cards with twine accents.

Don't just wrap it once go around a few times .. lots more colour, depth and texture.


Make your own accents using twine.. and wrap twine vertically
 and horizontally on the same project.

On this card I took a paper base circle and starting from the centre glued it down 
around and around to the outer edge. What a cute circular spiral accent using twine.
The thing with twine that is so perfect is you can change up the colours so 
easily to match whatever your working on.
Also if you don't want the expense of large spools, it's sold in smaller volume too.

Thanks for visiting today.. come again soon.