Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meet the Design Team - Ginni Gass and Joan Borgelt

Hi! My name is Ginni Gass. I’m an addicted scrapbooker and proud to admit it! I’ve been scrapping for almost 16 years now and have been on several design teams, published in a few magazines and participate in several forums/blogs/Facebook groups. I’ve been married to my husband Steve for over 26 years and between us we have a daughter, 3 sons, 1 granddaughter and 4 grandsons. Plus a dog and a cat (both male), so there’s a LOT of masculinity in my life! My husband and I retired in the summer of 2016 and returned to Southeast Alaska where we are currently building a small homestead in a semi-remote location on Prince of Wales Island. The only things in our little town are a ferry terminal (only goes to Ketchikan and back), a library, a one room school for all 12 grades and a boat dock! The population is only 156 people! The closest store is 25 miles away over a mountain pass and several rivers and creeks. There’s not even a traffic light on our island! It’s been quite an experience but one we both really love! We’ve spent most of the last year building the little cabin we currently call home and developing our property. Winters are usually relatively mild compared to what you’d picture in Alaska because we’re in the Southeast and in a rain forest. Summers are short and BUSY! Lots of fishing and hunting to do and then the food needs to be smoked and/or canned or frozen. Having grown up and living in suburbia all my life I’m learning a LOT! Sometimes life is difficult because we’re not finished building and I’m still learning, but it’s worth every second and I wouldn’t have it any other way! That means my scrappy style will be changing because I’ll be doing more scenic and outdoorsy pictures. Speaking of style, I’m up for just about anything. I love sketches (especially Bev’s) and I love challenges! My style is whatever works with the photos/project I’m working on. I have also done a LOT of heritage photos since my maternal grandfather was a photographer in WWI and WWII so maybe it’s in the blood. I look forward to sharing my work with you and to seeing your interpretations of my challenges!  

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My name is Joan Borgelt aka The Gov. I was a Licensing Manager by day and a passionate scrapbooker by night and retired last December.   I am a wife to Randy (37 years), mother to 3 grown children and a grandmother to 11 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  My love for nostalgia, vintage finds and patterned paper (I’m an official paper hoarder) have kept me artistically intrigued. I have a variety of styles and skills and will try any technique at least once.  

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