Saturday, July 25, 2015

Birthday Bash #23 - quick gift bag

Cheryl is here today with a fun but easy gift bag.. here is what she has to share with you......

Have you ever needed to wrap a small gift but had no wrapping paper? I have. I came up with this quick gift bag out of necessity.

I always keep these brown lunch bags on hand. You can buy white, but I prefer brown. Just pick them up at the grocery store.


I put my gift inside the paper bag, then fold the top down. I normally have to trim it a little bit to make it look more even. I usually use a tape runner to hold the fold down, but you can staple the top if you like. For this bag, I folded a paper doily in half (something else I always keep a supply of) and glued it over the top of my folded bag.

I took a standard hole punch and punched two holes to run the ribbon through.


I ran one end of a fairly long ribbon in through the left hole and out through the right hole. I tied a bow on the front and left longer tails on it.

Here's my finished quick gift bag. Mine is fairly simple, but you can decorate yours as much or as little as you want. I've used die cuts, stickers, pieces of patterned paper ~ there are so many options.


You have until the end of the month to create ANY kind of a gift "holder" or you can try one of these quick bags.

Play along in forum for a ballot to win and add to the inlinz here for another ballot to the blog prize. Thanks for joining us.

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